Industrial Hemp is the non-narcotic form of Cannabis Sativa that is currently grown in over 40 countries around the world


Invegrow Limited was founded in 2013, and is the first company in Malawi to be granted authorization by the government to conduct research trials on industrial hemp. Working closely with our government counterparts and research partners, we have fostered a relationship of trust and transparency, with a commitment to education about the crop where none previously existed. The ultimate objective of our mission is to see low- THC industrial hemp adopted as a viable new cash crop in Malawi, and to see Malawians benefiting from its products at both a health and economic level. We will be producing Malawian-made hemp products that can be viewed on our Products page.

Our key objectives are:

  • Test viable provenances and complete trials on industrial hemp in order to cultivate/process commercially by 2019

  • Breed cultivars suitable for the sub-tropical region

  • Establish processing facilities and produce Malawian-made hemp products

  • Partner with commercial and small-scale farmers for cultivation

  • Responsibly lobby and educate Malawians, politicians, and hemp enthusiasts about the commercial opportunity of the crop

  • Attract investment into the industry

  • Value-add within Malawi and promote the benefits of hemp products

  • Secure international and domestic markets for Malawian hemp products

  • Continue research and development with the Malawian Government for the future of industrial hemp in Africa



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