Products from Malawi

Invegrow will be producing various items in 2018. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing, retailing, or partnering.


FOOD & cosmetic RANGES

We have food grade hemp seed oil, protein powder, and shelled seeds packaged in Malawi. We are producing the first crop of hemp seed from our very own field and will have an all Malawi made product in 2018. Please email for more information.

Invegrow works with the South African based company Hemporium to bring fabrics, cosmetics, T-shirts, caps, socks, belts and many other hemp based items to Malawi. This retail project has been part of the awareness building program, but will soon be producing in Malawi.

Invegrow has Lark in Area 10 as an outlet for these goodies so visit Lark and see what they have (and enjoy a delicious meal!).


We are developing new technology for extracting essential oils and hopes to have extracts available in mid 2019.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborations and off-take agreements.




We have hurd and fibre from the field trials in 2018, which we will be using in local construction projects. The fibre is useful for smallholder co-operatives to make mats, paper, and for other income generating activities. We are open to working with groups in and around Lilongwe to showcase what artisan products could be made. To date we have made paper, twine, and mats with the hurd and fibre using local skill.

If you are interested in collaborating with or funding a local group in Malawi, then please email us and let us know what ideas you may have.